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Lida Lisney was born and raised in Montreal, and moved to Toronto in 1989 to pursue a career working as a flight attendant with Air Canada. Due to her sporadic schedule, she was able to take on a part time job in the fall of 2002 – at none other than Inside Story Fine Lingerie!


Displaying excellent customer service skills learned through 15 years at Air Canada, the owners saw potential in their newest hire. After an offhanded remark where Lida asked the elderly couple about retirement plans, full-fledged negotiations for the purchase of the then modest boutique began. By November 2003, Lida was the new owner and operator of Inside Story Lingerie and Swim!

It did not take long for Lida to make an impression on the store. From automating transactions, to ripping out old pink carpeting, Inside Story began a new chapter as soon as Lida took the reins. In 2006, she expanded into the adjacent unit, making the store the size it is today. Inspired by a love of Paris, along with an affinity for art-deco design, Lida quickly made Inside Story one of Oakville’s most visually appealing independent boutiques.

In 2011, Lida took the next step in growing her business, opening Inside Story II in Mississauga’s beautiful Sherwood Forest Village. Given the strong customer base that Inside Story has been able to amass under Lida’s management, it would be foolish to think that this is the end of growth for this fine lingerie haven.

Lida knows the importance of the customer, and always has her client base at the top of mind when making any business decisions. She travels annually to Paris, the mecca of lingerie, to the industry’s most prestigious trade show. There, she finds not only the latest styles, but the products that provide the best possible fit, to ensure that her customers are satisfied, and her staff are provided with the best tools to make those customers feel comfortable inside and out.

Finally, Lida knows how important it is to give back to the community. Her legacy includes high profile charity fashion shows, with proceeds going to local funds that are proven to make a difference. 


Inside Story would like to thank its amazing customers for making the store what it is today. We look forward to being of ‘supportive’ service to you in the very near future!


Inside Story, nestled within beautiful Downtown Oakville, specializes in custom European bra fittings. We believe all women deserve to wear bras that are both supportive and comfortable.    


334 Church Street,
Oakville, ON  L6J 1P1  Canada
PHONE: (905) 845-1210

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