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Why is a properly fitting bra so important?


Breasts are made up of fat and glandular tissue rather than muscle. From a developmental young age, throughout the aging process, it is especially important, that all breast sizes are properly and comfortably supported.


What are some signs that it may be time for a bra fitting?


  • If your shoulder straps are sliding off your shoulders regularly, it is time for a bra fitting

  • If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, it is time for a bra fitting

  • If you feel the pressure and discomfort of the underwire of the bra digging into the side of your breast or in the middle (gore area), it is time for a bra fitting

  • When the back band of your bra rides up and doesn't stay put on your back, it is time for a bra fitting

  • If your bra is sitting low on you rib cage or is bothering you around the rib cage, it is time for a bra fitting

  • When you lift your arms and the bra lifts up and away from your body, it is time for a bra fitting

  • When you get home and you cannot wait to take off your bra, it is time for a bra fitting 


What can a properly fitting bra do for me?


  • The correct size bra can make your breasts and silhouette look like you've lost weight

  • A proper fitting bra will lift and support your breasts so that they fall at the mid way point between your shoulders and elbow, thus allowing a more youthful look

  • The proper fit of the back band of the bra will improve your posture and alleviate any issues with back pain, upper shoulder stress and neck pain

  • A proper fitting bra style will smooth and shape your breasts, thus making your clothing look much sleeker and better fitting  


How do I care for my lingerie?


  • A good quality bra likes to be washed every other wear

  • Hand wash is highly advised (or else I get to see you sooner)

  • If you must use a machine (gentlest cycle), place in a mesh wash bag and secure all the hooks at the back 

  • Special lingerie wash is recommended

  • Lay flat to dry (moulded cups) or hand to dry (lace bras)

  • NEVER use bleach, softener, hot water or the dryer

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